Meet a Dosimetry Student

The Medical Dosimetry Program at Thomas Jefferson University faculty is proud to have Saleem Abdullah acknowledged as a very proficient and knowledgeable student. He has excelled in the Dosimetry Program not only didactically but clinically, bringing more than five years of full time experience as a Radiation Therapist to the program.

His desire to extend his education and career path into the dosimetry profession was accomplished by balancing a full-time job. Saleem worked as a CT Technologist during the evening hours throughout the entire school year. He always maintained a calm and humble demeanor and strong commitment to detail.

Because of his experience in information technology and technical support, Saleem was frequently called upon to trouble shoot IT issues. He was one of the designated students to learn the upgraded treatment planning system in the on-campus lab. With his newly-acquired skills he assisted in cross-train his classmates.